Balik Kampung \(^_^)/

Today (4th August 2013) is the day to balik kampung! Yay or nay? Its been a while since I was here but its only for a day. Now 2257, I am on the way back to KL. I know I know usually people will go back to their village until raya but due to conflict of work, my abah has to do some work tomorrow and even on the third day of raya.
So raya this year will be in Kay Ell!!
Plus I do not have long raya holiday, since this year raya is on the midweek and thus the holiday will end this weekend ie the 4th day of raya. Oh nooo this is not good at all...totally dislike it TT_TT
So what did I do today? We went to find baju raya for this. Again due to some conflict of time, we were only able to buy ready-made baju raya this year but alas it is okay. After buying the baju raya, we went straight to Jerantut, Pahang.
As we arrived there, we went to visit the local bazaar yippieee! Finally seeing another bazaar other than the Penangite bazaar. I am not really keen of visiting Penang Bazaar. It is not up to my taste in term of the choice of food.
So we bought the best murtabak which is not comparable to any other murtabak sold out there. Also we bought patin gulai tempoyak. It is so expensive, the first stall said one piece costs around RM 7 (0_o'') ..then we find another stall which sell a little bit cheaper hehehe RM 5 for a piece. Well it does sound expensive but luckily the taste was awesomest to the fullest \(^_^)/
Other than that we bought pajeri nenas which I think the taste is as great as the patin as well.
One of the best bazaar I guess but I did not go to any of the bazaar in Kay Ell yet, I wonder how it is this year. Well we shall see.
Then, as usual during our visit to our village, we will visit my late grandmother's grave. Its been 4 years, really miss her and I pray that she will be place on the highest maqam and Allah's grace will be upon her always. Amiiinn!

That's all for now, above are some pictures of the day :)
Adios amigos!


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